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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  June 16, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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alligator is found. i'm don champion in the lake buena vista florida with the latest on the investigation coming up. and happening today philadelphia votes on a sugary drink tax, what it means for you, if it passes. today is thursday, june 6th, event good morning, so glad you are with us i'm nicole brewer in for jim donovan. >> i'm brooke thomas, katie and meisha are here keeping an eye on things this morning. >> very good morning. it is thursday, wet, wet, wet, it will be very slow commute. we are seeing that start to pick up. >> it is interesting too we don't have rain falling currently every where but you get the spray, and it passes through. >> anytime it rains, even if it is like a light shower, so, yeah, always tough also to give yourself extra time hitting the alarm and get out extra early that makes it tougher. we will take a look outside dreary start to the day outside whitefield elementary school. the current temperature 65. feels like 65. muggy 65 as day progresses, it will be somewhat just steam a
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cross the region but we will only tack 10 degrees on to the values of the thermometer here in the next couple hours, because we will not see much sunshine. here's another look storm scan as we track what is just a round of showers and locally thinning rain. it has already been pushing through these area. we have spray from the vehicles, damp roadways and certainly some rain that is currently falling back through chester and lancaster county. that is heading east. so with scattered showers locally steady rain and very likely couple rumbles of thunder, you will have a slow drive. morning looks like it bears brunt of the activity but really guys anytime today we will allow for a shower or thunderstorm in some spots. temperatures cool tore day but still warm at 76 for daytime high, meisha, over to you. >> you said it, lot of spray from those vehicles, so make sure those windshield wipers are working. take a look at the vine moving in the westbound direction
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looking, very, very busy right now trying to get on to the schuylkill from the vine. this is vine moving in the westbound direction toward schuylkill. you can see a string of brake lights right there. vine is starting to heat up, eastbound side is looking okay. schuylkill taillights moving in the eastbound direction past the conshohocken curve you can see how wet it looks out there and all those tires moving spraying that back on the windshield behind them so give yourself ample space from the vehicle in front of you, also, try to take it easy on those brakes. we are seeing accident as well. ben franklin bridge moving in the westbound direction you can see this moving in center city looking good here. i would say heating up over past ten minutes, that is starting to heat up a bit. construction in delaware 495 south on and off ramps are closed 7:00 p.m. tonight until 5:00 p.m. sunday. i will tweet that as as well. give yourself extra time. brooke and nicole, back over to you. city council will decide if your sugary drinks will cost more. >> money from the taxis
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supposed to fund early childhood education and other programs. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is live outside wawa in center city where customers are split on the price hike, jan. >> reporter: brooke and nicole, good morning. some customers here they saying they cannot afford to a more for soda and diet sewed a they just don't have budget for it. other people are not against this tax as long as tax revenue goes to the placees it is promised to. city council gave preliminary travel to the tax last week and at that time, council president darryl clark said measure would likely ab adopted today during a final vote and that would make fill at first major u.s. city to tax sugary drinks. debate over this tax has been heat todd say the least, there have been weeks of contentious public hearings and protests and rallies inside and outside city hall, lawmakers, however have come to a compromise. they have preliminarily approved a one and a half sent an ounce tax on all sugary drinks, half of what mayor jim
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kenney initially wanted and that includes sweet drinks and diet drinks as well this taxis expect to bring in 91 million-dollar over the next year and money is slated to fund universal prek as well as parks, recreation programs throughout the city but some are skeptical especially after hearing some of that money would be diverted to the cities general fun. others say there just isn't enough known about exactly how fund will be implemented, consumeers it seems are split split. >> as long as money to a good youth and in the lost mountain political black hole that most tax hole is. if it goes to the right thing i'm for it. >> i would like things not to go up. i know a lot of people that drink sewed a it is hard, today working, you know, getting by. >> reporter: what will you do. >> drink it any way. >> reporter: meanwhile beverage industry has spent millions of dollars on ads to block the tax, industry leaders and store owners alike claim it will cost business and jobs.
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the industry is also expected to sue the city if the measure is adopted. but it all comes down to this today, happening today at city hall, the final vote, of course, we will stay up to dayton this story but we are live, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> back inside to you. >> thanks, jan. new this morning fire fighters had to rush out of the home in paulsboro when it appears, the building would collapse. the fire started at billings and seventh street around 11:30. fire fighters haded to battle the flames from outside. fortunately there were no injuries but it remains to be seen the if the family can stay there. the causes under investigation. this morning walt disney world beaches are still closed as a precaution after a deadly alligator attack. >> two-year old lane graves was killed tuesday night as he waited in shallow water in a popular resort. don champion joins us live with the very latest on the investigation, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, brooke and nicole. sheriff here delivered some
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news to the boy's family yesterday with the help of the catholic priest. the family is obviously devastated and asks for privacy right now, disney meantime is in the process of reviewing its alligator policy. an autopsy is plan on the body of little lane graves, heart broken members of the orange county florida sheriff's department tweeted a photo of the two-year old last night hours after his body was found in the disney world resort lake. >> i will tell you that it was a tough message to deliver. >> reporter: it was along the ideal shores of the lake where investigators say a alligator pounded tuesday night and snatched lane as he waited in shallow water in, horror his father matt tried unsuccessfully to wrestle lane back to safety. crews searched for the boy's body for 16 hours. >> the child was found, his body was completely in tack. at this time we will go
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through the formality of making a formal identification. >> reporter: no swimming signs were posted in the area of the attack but there were not any warnings about alligators. disney says that will now being under review. alligators are part of the natural landscape of disney world, mark mchugh is a expert on the reptile. >> there is a lot of canals, pond and lakes that connect all the way through disney property. it wouldn't be unusual at all for alligators to be moving from one to the next. >> reporter: disney removed alligators from its property before. in a statement last night disney spokesmen says that resort officials are heart broken by this tragedy, this morning, we are told forensic tests are and way on five alligators found in the lake yesterday during the search, brooke and nicole. >> don, obviously alligators are not in florida we are seeing constantly of pictures of them in random spots but are alligator deaths rare in florida.
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>> reporter: yes, they are so very rare here in the state. data from the state officials show five people have been killed by alligators in the past ten years and again this tragedy was the first alligator death here at walt disney world. >> thanks, don. >> done ton, thanks. president obama and vice-president biden will head to orlando to meet with survivors from the families of those killed inside the pulse nightclub shooting. the investigation centers around gunman's wife, cbs news sourcers say nora salmon knew her husband was planning an attack and she drove with him to stake out that gay club. she could face criminal charges. the first funeral services held yesterday in orlando. javier reyes was one of the 49 people killed bio mar mateen. 50 -- 53 people injured, 30 remain in the hospital. many gathered to remember the west catholic high school student kill. akyra murray was a stand out student and a basketball
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player and scored a thousand points in her high school career. bright student. akyra made it out of the nightclub when that shooting began but ran back inside to get the her cousin. >> she was outing, caring, humble, i cannot find the right word to say how great she was. she was a very great person. >> akyra's funeral will be likely next week. her family set up akyra murray fun at citizens bank park to pay for her funeral expenses. later this morning democratic senators will stan with gun violence survivors in washington tc and call for tougher gun laws. move comes after orlando mass shooting first connect chris murphy to take over the senate floor with a 15 hour fill bus per on gun control legislation. currently it is illegal for felons, fugitives and illegal immigrant to buy guns but not suspect terrorist. democrats are also calling for universal background checks for gun buyers. still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning we have
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surveillance video of the money van police say struck and killed a teenager crossing the boulevard. damage to look for to catch that hit and run driver. plus evacuation order issued for parts of the arizona as this wild fire threatens homes. smoke could be seen for miles and fire fighters say their battle plan could cause even more smoke. forget long tsa lines is there a new reason your flight could get delayed as if we needed another one, that is coming up next. >> ♪ >> i wish you could see how hard our floor director bobbies hand telling right now, he has the moves, katie will track rain and will let us know if we are seeing any lightening. >> come on bob, oh, yeah, there you go.
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♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪ fire fighters have to deal with fires to check out how wide this fire is spreading and that will cost a lot more smoke. more than 3,000 acres have burn so far, fortunately there are no reports of anyone hurt. line of thunderstorms is blamed for heavy damage to this neighborhood near cincinnati. thousands of people lost power because trees pulled down power lines and landed on cars
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there. there are no injuries reported here but a lot of property damage, as you can see. i hate when we see that. those poor people. >> yes. >> we are expecting some storms today. same system heading our way, katie. >> it is, we could see strong thunderstorms of our very own today. we will need more stability in the atmosphere but regardless we have seen a couple. looking at three hour loop here around lancaster and chester count that i has been one particular pocket where we have had heavier thunderstorms also across south central pennsylvania. not out of the question we will see that even this batch was strong thunderstorms that rumbled through southern del marva peninsula. sussex county got in on that overnight. lets zoom it out, i want to show you another area have low pressure attached to the same system. this will streak south east with time and tomorrow depending on, the final track, we will start to gradually transition out of wet weather. we may be stuck with it depending on your location. lets look at future weather.
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rest of the day starting off this time, right now still finding pockets of the scattered but locally heavy showers and thunderstorms across our area this could continue right through rest of the day, but for us, it is happening you this but anytime you may want to keep umbrella at the ready. here's that le. it is going south. through delaware, but possibly, bit further north than that, southern third of the new jersey even into delco and philadelphia county you might be left into friday morning especially with lingering showers. this particular model, sort of taking extreme from his all of our computer modeling and centering in down the middle line here. we will keep a close watch on that, meanwhile, summer is officially going to start accord together astronomical calendar with the summer solstice on monday at 6:34 on the air, we will be on the air with you to mark the occasion with a gorgeous sunrise at that point. lets look at what lies ahead here saturday fathers day machine looking awesome. lets hit the pool monday,
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meisha, what do you think. >> i'm there. i have been waiting for summer since last summer. good morning, everyone. wet roadways out there certainly this morning. it is slowing you down. thinks where we have an accident right there, all those flashing lights, this is route 309 northbound at hilltown pike. make note that is out there but also an indication that wet roadways, typically lead to unfortunately some accidents. we are seeing them this morning. boulevard, this is what you're looking at look at how bus think looks moving in the southbound direction. once on the boulevard, traveling, a little will slow then jump on schuylkill westbound at city avenue. we are no longer traveling at posted speed. we keep you up as long as you can keep you there but we have wet roadways and i can guarantee even just cracking in the 6:00 o'clock hour will slow you down a little bit. that is what we are looking at city avenue. mass transit, new schedules for most regional rail lines starting on sunday so make sure to check your schedules
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on line and also update gas main repair here route 38 eastbound between route 130 and 70, three lanes block until 6:00 a.m., next friday, slow area right there indeed. brooke, over to you. >> search teams found wreckage from the missing egyptair plane. egyptair flight 804 crash in the mediterranean sea may 19th killing all 66 people on board. authorities say parts of the plane have been spotted in several locations. no details on the exact location of the wreckage or if the black boxes were found. scary moment in grays ferry when a explosion at this steam plant shook the neighborhood. how a problem with one of the boilers at vies yoel a plant at 26th and christian streets caused that blast. one worker suffered minor injuries and a woman was hurt by shattered glass inside her home. >> the explosion was so loud. i thought the my chest, my heart was just going to be beating so hard. it was very frightening. >> fire fighters checked all
6:18 am
of the homes near that plant and gas and carbon monoxide and gave all clear. the plant survived thermal energy to about 300 customers in the city. more trouble for busy summer travel season is coming up. new reason why you could see delays at the airport. ups driver makes a special delivery to police and now he is being hailed a hero, find out how he rescued this cute little puppy right there. we will be right
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newspaper headlines across our region. >> on the cover of the delaware county daily times a call to action. forty-nine people laid on the ground, at the to your house in media to symbolize those who died in it or land owe massacre. protest called for tougher gun laws. in the times herald a truck driver gets prison time for trying to hit a norristown police officer. forty-eight year-old john fuller was sentenced to nine to 18 years in state prison for when he led police on the chase and attempted to run over one officer. fuller admitted he smoked crack cocaine seven times that day and quote just wanted to keep driving. and, from the mercury, a mass debate end in the shouting match. at issue is an elementary math program called every day math, that cost the district 400 you this dollars. it has been called into question in the wake of poor performance on standardized math test. >> that is a look at newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley.
6:22 am
now not what you want to hear as we hit busy travel season. shortage of air traffic controllers could mean more delays at the airport. >> congress heard from controller officials wednesday, and said delays are getting worse because there is not enough trained controllers. the number of air traffic controllers is at 27 year low, and parts of the problem stems from a 2013 hiring freeze due to congressional budget battle. add to that it takes up to four years to fully train new hires. all right. still ahead local golfer that just played his way into the u.s. open. >> plus most places say no shirt, in shoes in, service but we will show you one restaurant where your birthday suit is actually the dress code. >> what, wow. >> katie. >> oh, my. i guess they won't be ordering the hot sauce then. >> okay. i love it. >> first thing i could come up with then. that is still out there but
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coming up, i've got great weather news leading in the weekend, stick around you do not want to miss any of these stories.
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california roadway. >> take a look. he was weaving through traffic. can you imagine seeing that. >> when jason saw that, he threw on his emergency flashers, pulled over and cokessed the dog with the treat. >> going pretty fast, and behind the truck you see this little talk running right down the center lane. i'm thinking what can i do. i pulled over to the shade and call animal control. >> he held the dog until the police came. he was shaking. unnamed puppy is now up for adoption, and he says, that he will feel better, when that dog find a loving home. >> i think that is so sweet. >> all right, some people don't like it if you wear a hat to the table. >> some places won't serve you if you don't have a shirt or shoes on. >> tree. >> no need to worry about that though. >> it is london's first name restaurant. >> that is gross. >> not only are customers in the the raw, but cuisine is
6:27 am
brought you the too. vegan place. >> do you get that. >> yes. >> but if you are interested, you have to turn the other cheek. waiting list... turn the other cheek. >> sorry. >> there is nothing appetizing about a bunch of naked people. okay. coming up, switching gears here, today's vote on today's sugary drink tax and why it is not a done deal. plus new video from the massacre in orlando see victims trapped in the bathroom during the shooting, and hear chilling statements from the gunman in a newly advertise covered video, justin? >> reporter: and brooke, police have video of the man they say struck abe killed a 17 year-old girl as she crossed adams avenue on monday night. i'm justin finch. coming up a look at the video that van and her family's painful plea for help this
6:28 am
alright guys, we've brought you to this construction trailer to talk about trucks today. which truck brand offers engines with best in class v8 towing or fuel economy?
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the rain returned overnight and we are expecting more showers today. >> that is right, katie will time it all out and let us know about the chance have of thunderstorms as well. so glad you are with us, i'm nicole brewer. >> i'm brooke thomas. jim's off. it is 6:30. here's what you need to know today in your morning minute. >> philadelphia is on the verge of becoming first major u.s. city to charge a sugary drink tax. >> council president darryl clark says measure with likely ab adopt to the day during a final vote. >> dot right thing. >> philadelphia police hope surveillance video will help them fine driver who hit and killed a 17 year-old girl on roosevelt boulevard. >> body of the toddler snatched by an alligator at a disney resort has been found. >> president obama and vice-president biden will arrive in orlando later today
6:32 am
to meet with survivors, first responders, and families of the victims killed in the the attack. >> it will be a lot of money made in real estate in the future. >> good morning, mr. trump. >> did you hear that. >> he said mr. trump, donald trump's ride is the fault of the scott backula. >> he haded to dig deep in the archives to pull that, from that show in the 90's. >> how is it going outside. >> we have some rain lightly falling outside, storm scan 3a moment ago, we have got wet weather to dodge route now. it was moderate rainfall in this spot in the last hour. it has since trickled down to a very light, fine rain at this point but still enough that i with say you will want to take umbrella with you today. as we start off with a quick view of the live neighborhood network what we have is more than anything, gray skies and
6:33 am
scattered fashion at this point of the rain falling through our area lets go next to storm scan three where we have more pockets of light rain and heavier rain coming down. we have seen a few then are storms developing across western most suburbs and that is the story throughout the day. brunt of the wet weather falls now through morning russias we head throughout the rest of the day there will be activities. we will jump through rest of the day and tomorrow morning. so generally speaking with the scattered variety of this wet weather we will only end up with a couple tenth of an inch as a whole. so no major flooding concerns but regardless an unsettled start to our day. unsettled day in general. there might be a stray shower for phillies game tonight. seventy at first pitch but around the region low to mid 07's is best you can hope for with the unsettled weather continuing anytime today, meisha. >> katie, thank you so much. yep, wet roadways indeed, it is slowing you down this morning. good morning everybody. happy thursday to you. take a look outside 95 south
6:34 am
at academy you you can see how slow it is, a lot of brake lights going on right now. we knew this would happen when we saw we will have wet roadways today. it started even in the late 5:00 o'clock hour any trickling in the 6:00 o'clock hour. we push toward our main hour of the rush hour which is 7:00 . right now thinks what we are looking at 95 south at academy. the just a string, a string of break lights there. not moving much. that will let you know that this will trickle into deeper and further then our main rush hour. give yourself a couple extra minutes. get out there early. this is where we had an accident clear add route 309 northbound and that has been cleared but anywhere we will look we are seeing wet roadways. schuylkill eastbound at city avenue very slow and construction between academy and cottman left lane closed 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. for bridge inspections, brooke, over to you. president obama and vice-president biden head to orlando to meet with survivors and families of those kill in
6:35 am
the pulse nightclub shooting. meanwhile investigation centers around gunman's wife, cbs news sources say nora salmon knew her husband was planning an attack and in fact they say she drove with him to stake out the gay club. she could face criminal charges this was the deadliest mass shooting in modern u.s. history. forty-nine people were killed, and another 53 were hurt. thirty victims are still in the hospital. this morning new video from inside the bathroom of the pulse nightclub is out, during the gun man's mass kerr. miguel leva says he recorded to it send to his girlfriend. he said for four hours upward of 30 victims crowded in to a stall together. he suffered two gunshot wound and described moment swat office are moved in. >> waving our hand so we could see that we're alive but still trying to be quiet.
6:36 am
so finally they start pulling people out and there was just so bad we had to step over dead bodies. >> while held up inside bathroom, lev a said victims passed around one glass of water. he cannot stop thinking about faces of those who did not make it out alive. >> like everybody just getting out, they are hoping for more to come out good this newly discovered clip shows omar man heene talking about people making money off of disasters. it is from 2012 the big fix and shows mateen as a security guard working at bp oil spill site in the florida panhandle. security form g4s says it is mateen and it was shot back in 2010. in or news newly released surveillance video shows the car that struck and killed a 17 year-old girl on the boulevard this week. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is live at the scene with that video as police continue their search for the driver, any updates. >> reporter: nicole, updates
6:37 am
indeed, very short walk that will cost markayla jackson her life. she was crossing adams avenue here late machine night when she was struck at a height rate of speed by a van that left her for dead and just kept going. this morning is there now video of that van that police and her family need you to see. monday night just after is 11:30 this van philadelphia police say was making its way north on roosevelt boulevard, outer lanes, and at some point this likely early 2,000 model chevy venture struck and killed 17 year-old markayla jackson. >> it was an accident but let the judge deal with that but as of right new do the right thing, according to script tour and turn yourself in, plead your cause but don't do a hit and run. it is in the good. >> police say she was crossing adams avenue in the crosswalk and with the green light, it appears that she was on her cell phone, the impact launched her out of her slippers and tossed her almost 200 feet. van just kept going east on
6:38 am
adams never stopping a clear violation of the law. >> all driver had to to at that point was subpoena because driver had a green light. as did the pedestrian, had stop pulled over and call 911, and render aid. >> reporter: jackson was pronounced dead on scene and as police searched for this van and driver a family and a father are left grieving. markayla was set to graduate from excel academy next week. >> just come forward. it is very overwhelming. i can't not even speak. i'm at a loss of words. i just want my daughter to come forward. >> reporter: jackson's family now begging for that driver to come forward or anyone with information to come forward as well, police say that 2,000 model chevy venture van had heavy front end damage including a shattered windshield. nicole and brooke, back inside to you. >> thanks very much. philadelphia city council decides today if your sugary drinks will cost you more. if the vote passes philadelphia a would be the
6:39 am
first major u.s. city to implement this kind of a tax. money will go toward funding early childhood education and other programs. a portion of the revenue will be diverted in the cities general fund. critics called the legislation unconstitutional and expect to challenge this law if it is adopted by the courts. new jersey law maker says he wants voters to decide if recreational marijuana should be legal in atlantic city. democratic assembly man reid says it could mean a way out of the cities financial mess. he calls the bill promoting opportunities for tomorrow, that is p-o-t for short. move would put the question on the november ballet the ape calls for a 20 percent tax. critics say promoting drug use is not twi balance the cities books. atlantic city is former revel casino will not be reopening today. city officials are still waiting for inspections and permits before they allow the revel to open up its 900 new hotel rooms. actual casino is set for august reopening. revel was one of the four
6:40 am
casinos to close in 2014, new owner glenn straub bought tonight bankruptcy court. as we grow up, some of the best financial advice is often from our parents, right? so as we head into fathers day weekend cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger hires to share some financial wisdom from your dad, good morning, jill. >> good morning. so, i hear your dad spent his career on wall street, what kind of advice did he have about investing. >> you might think as a former trader on the floor of the american stock exchange he would have been a big gambler but actually my father had a very healthy respect for risk. he compared investing with swimming in the ocean. you know when water is calm you feel brave, live when wave sweeps you off your feet you are hum will. although i never like that he was a individual stock and one picker he had a won much of things that kept him out of trouble. nobody rings a bell at top or bottom, develop a game plan and stick to it. wait 24 hours before making any major purchase or sale
6:41 am
that deviate from his a plan. these are the type of things that kept him on the straight and narrow. >> he was contrary, so what was some conventional wisdom that he questioned. >> i know many of us have parents that are like that and it bugs us so much, but it can be helpful, later when you have that kind of questioning. my father was not a big fan of owning, verse renting. he always cautioned buying real estate could tie up your savings. he said early in his life he loved to rent and later in his life i want to be a renter. if you decide to take plunge with the big purchase he would say don't make a offer on the spot, go home, think about it, and don't be afraid to let a deal slip away if you are not convinced and finally, small business owner and he had very unpredict an income. big fan have of holding a cash cushion. for more fathers day advice go to jill on >> i see you have got some of his money smarts a lot of it.
6:42 am
you are a pretty smart cookie, jill. >> unfortunately i still got the his nose. >> you are beautiful, stop it. >> coming up, coffee and cancer, surprising way the two could be linked, plus, this puppy has a new lesion life, thanks to a group of fourth graders, how this special program at a local school is helping in more ways then one, hey, pat. >> this is special as well, coming up meet local golf shore nailed a huge putt and will compete in one of the biggest tournaments this weekend, we will be
6:43 am
6:44 am
6:45 am
back on "eyewitness news" with local students, doing some good. >> a class of fourth graders, presented a check of money, that they collect to a charity, that they pick. >> radnor elementary camille baker and her fourth grade class presented the check to
6:46 am
new lesion life u.s.a., non-profit rescued at risk dogs from shelters, trained them and placed them with veterans with ptsd. class has sponsored a dog named bruce. >> yes. >> and mark wednesday's down for picking up fresh produce, pop up farmers market is taking place at dilworth park every wednesday throughout the summer. local farm brought out their best summer veggies and plants for purchase yesterday, philly bread and olney bakery also offered a host of freshly bake items like long rolls, bagels and it is all about the roll. >> you can have a sandwich or hoagie. >> yeah. >> best place to get it. >> i'm with you on that one, absolutely. that is key. lets switch gears here. we have active weather we want to discuss. eyewitness weather watchers are out reporting generally to mid, well, for most part within the range of the 50's this morning. we have some cooler and warmer then others. we are seeing wet weather
6:47 am
begin to track our way. so that said we will focus on delaware right now. lisa is already seeing some rainfall, where she is, she's in wilmington. damp, light rain but, she has got good advice, either some kind of wet weather gear is very likely going to come in handy if you plan to be out. sixty-four from jason in middletown, he sent this in the last 15 minutes. i won't be shocked if that situation changes where we have overcast starting to see rain coming in as we speak with another cell. so let switch it right back over to storm scan three. thunderstorms now beginning to ignite we will zero in on this area, it is all very scattered anyway throughout the day but here's where we turn our focus for current situation. i got a sweet from ml hoyle in maryland watching us saying that the heavy rain is moving in. it business ready to knock on your doorstep here in middletown, jason. so eventually if you haven't heard thunder yet you will soon. couple lightening strikes reported in that particular cell. if you are traveling, these
6:48 am
roadways, 13, 95, you may end up with in the just rain falling but very likely, streaks of lightening too. far off to the north we will go to the poconos where we will also still find scattered showers, this goes for everyone here today, the system is happening right now but anytime even they it will turn on the radar showers are still a possibility if not a thunderstorm, by tomorrow, maybe a lingering shower for the most part, those clouds will clear, you may have some rain across southern tear of the delaware valley, saturday kick starts a beautiful upcoming weekend and that goes for everyone as well. low to mid 80's for philadelphia, both saturday and fathers day and then we are officially kick starting summer season, finally here somer solstice at 6:34 and we will have full sunshine to go witt. >> summer, good to have you back. >> really missed you. >> admiral wilson boulevard, eastbound we have construction, eastbound two right lanes blocked causing major slow downs for a lot of
6:49 am
new this a area when we get in the 7:00 o'clock hour. it is looking okay but you that construction out there really causes slow downs. forty-two freeway north bound on creek road, we are looking good. 295, looking more like this. we can second that, been like that all morning long, this is what we are looking at and we have got that guy in reverse wrong direction, buddy. 422 taillights in the eastbound direction at trooper, lot of brake lights this is looking more like a parking lot at this point. wet roadways, give yourself some extra time. you will definitely need it. this is where we had a vehicle hit a barrier 422 westbound. that will slow you down. you know 422 is an air credit that will heat up. mass transit new schedule, starting on sunday and i will tweet that out as well. brooke and nicole back to you. there is a lot coming up on cbs this morning. >> charlie rose joins us live there new york with the preview, good morning, charlie. >> good morning, brooke and nicole. >> we will talk to chris movie
6:50 am
bye why he ended his more than 14 hour filibuster calling for action on gun control. plus we will send a video news produce tore buy a gun similar to one used in it or land owe attack and we will show you how long it took to walk out with an assault style rifle, 100 round of ammunition and a 30 round magazine. also we will visit alligator park to find out how gators interact with people all that and more, news is back in the morning, and we will see you in about ten minutes. >> charlie, thanks for that preview. >> this morning's healthwatch get ahead, pour an extra cup of coffee this morning, the world health organization says coffee is not the carcinogen. the agency says that there is not enough evidence linking coffee to cancer but warns very hot beverages could be a health risk, that is because high temperatures could injure the throat and lead to tumors. treating young children repeatedly with antibiotics
6:51 am
may disrupt development of healthy bacteria inside their gut. these bacteria play a role in regulating metabolism and immune system. researchers say it is not clear whether consequences are long term. u.s. open starts near pittsburgh and local golfer is getting his chance. >> path gallon tells bus the bucks county native who took things to the the last hole. >> very last minute. >> wow. >> he can. >> philadelphia not really known as hot bed for golfing talent but local college athlete is taking part in one of the golf's four majors which happens to be in this weekend. he will be in the same field as the world's best, how did he make it? well, a long, long putt. one of the golf's four majors championships, the u.s. open, takes place this weekend at oakmont, pennsylvania. bensalem native and drexel university golfer chris crawford played his way in the tournament by finishing third in the open qualifier last week. it took final hole heroics.
6:52 am
>> i hope my drive in the fair way and playoff that hole, 600-l fair way and six iron over the tree on to the green and got lucky that the ball ended up on the green. >> reporter: crawford nailed a 40-foot putt to make the tourney, onto the big time when his coach said he is ready for. >> very level headed kid but he thinks he can play well out there, as well we have been talking, it is all about preparation. you prepare as good as you can. >> reporter: crawford can't wait to get this new chapter of his career underway. >> obviously it is a big venue, big moment and from a preparation standpoint just like any other tournament really. it is hard to do. it is in the just any or tournament but it is still just golf and hit good shots and make good puts you know things will be okay. ground breaking. >> there have been a lot of firsts in the chris crawford era and this is just another one to add to the list, by far, biggest one.
6:53 am
>> reporter: crawford is preparing to see a lot of friendly faces in the crowd this weekend and he hopes to put on a good show. >> great support from different people and i'm sure there will be people that are going that i do not know about. i won't know until i'm there. i'm happy to represent the philadelphia golf community and hopefully go out there and make them proud. >> crawford's u.s. open round will start at 2:42. he is part of the final trio to attempt to figure out an extremely tough oakmont golf course but he is just looking to put on a decent enough show. you guys golfers. >> are we golfers. >> i have never golfed in my life. >> there is putting? sometimes i get suck in the four some with my parents and my husband but i don't know if i call myself a golfer. >> i'm's sure that would be a blast. >> u.s. open t's off near pittsburgh but one guy showing
6:54 am
off, during practice. buba what the on gives a tutorial how to deal with the craze i rough at oakmont. you have to throw the ball. chips it, and then catches it, and then pops it in the hole. you are not allowed to do that. >> we knew that. >> yes. >> watson t's off at 7:51 with matt kutcher and patrick reid, last years winner jordan spieth starts at 8:35. >> when there is a major my husband said keep in mind is there a golf weekend. >> yes. >> when we come back three things you need to necessity before you go. >> it three is to
6:55 am
6:56 am
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before we leave, we have three to go. >> city council witt vote on the sugary drink tax if approved philadelphia will be the first major u.s. city to implement such a tax. president obama and vice-president biden are traveling to orlando to take to meet with families who lost loved ones in sunday's massacre at pulse nightclub. >> after a four hour filibuster the senate is set to vote on a bill to implement universal background checks to make it harder for people on terror watch list toss buy guns. >> and that is three to go. >> all right. on that note lets get one last check of weather and traffic. >> yes, of course, talking about wet weather all morning still out there in the form of scattered but locally heavy showers and some thunderstorms, pretty nasty
6:59 am
thunderstorm incoming on new castle county's doorstep right new but this will be here anytime today. i wouldn't call it best beach day but it is also not a wash out, lower 07's, not a lot of sunshine for that uv index is held back to five. >> thanks, katie. we are dealing with the disable vehicle in the eastbound platt bridge, penndot moved camera but it is, make net of that, that roadway will be drawn this morning and an accident on 422, before arm and hammer boulevard. tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. watch my latest dream drive where i'm finding a truly enchanted place for children. and that are parents will no doubt appreciate it as well. then why in the something for everything else i'm checking out best canoeing spots around. find out where it is tomorrow morning at dream drive at 6:00 3 "eyewitness news". cbs this morning is next with the preview of the president obamaes a visit to orlando and look at challenging a parenting a teenager after high cool graduation. >> join us weekday morning on cb is.
7:00 am
three at 4:30. have a good captioning funded by cbs good morning, it is thursday, june 16th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." senate democrat end a nearly 15-hour filibuster overnight in a push for stricter gun laws. senator chris murphy took control of the floor, and he will join us. the president and vice president will meet families of the orlando attack victims today. we are learning new details about how the shooter's wife may have been involved. new questions after the death of a 2-year-old at disney world. why didn't the park post warnings about alligators in the water? we begin with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. is what happened in orlando not


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